The Moon and Love

Hi pretty souls,

I would like to share with you what I learned from following Moonomens those pasts months.

The Moon's journey has a meaning. My period cycle are based on the moon cycle, my mood is based on the moon cycle. I do believe the moon is a kind of celestial guide to understand our spiritual body. The rythm of life within each of us holds a powerful influence over our inner emotional world. We are all made up of energy, as the moon moves through its orbit, it shows us a clear picture of the celestial energey we are experiencing and the moods and emotions we may go through during specific periods of time. Every lunar transit helps bring feelings to light that allow us to take action on our innermost desires. They serve as emotional triggers and catalysts for us to experience new relationships, breakups...

I would love to talk more about what you think of this.

I could keep writing about this for hours haha.

I do believe Love is a superpower. You know what ? I'll talk about this on my instagram story.

If you guys are more interested on this topic i'll make a video of it! In English (that's quite a challenge right haha) and i'll add the video on this article.

Take care of yourself.

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